SharePoint Online Provisioning Woes – Resolved!

Update: 6 hours after purchasing the subscription, (and writing this post), things started working. The licenses are now available and can be assigned to my users just fine. Normal behaviour or just bad luck? I’m sure I’ll be doing more work with SharePoint Online and Office 365 in the future so it’ll be interesting to see.

This is something fairly new to me but I was recently helping a customer with a SharePoint Online proof-of-concept when I encountered an odd issue around assigning SharePoint Online licenses to users.

After successfully creating the tenant I went ahead and purchased an initial 2 licenses for SharePoint Online (Plan 1). These show up in the Office 365 admin center under the ‘Billing’ menu:

Office 365 subscription added successfully

Office 365 subscription added successfully.

Selecting the ‘Licenses’ menu however, tells me I don’t currently have any licenses. Helpfully, it points out how I can purchase a subscription though:

Office 365 licenses missing.

Office 365 licenses missing

As you might expect, attempting to assign licenses to users fails.

I’ve submitted a service request so it’ll be interesting to see how the issue is dealt with.